God is set to defend his people and his church.

2021 Shall Not be a Year of Tragedy but a Year of Triumph

There will be no dryness this year 2021 because God will sustain his people. God will sustain the church.

There shall be increase and abundance in the church and in the lives of all ALCC members. There shall be financial surplus. Things may be difficult in the world but God’s people and His church will enjoy surplus. Everything will be in surplus. Healing, deliverance, and finances.

There will be tangible manifestations of God’s power to meet needs, causing breakthroughs and opening doors for His people in ALCC.

God’s work in ALCC will never be dry. It is a never dry work and a never dry movement.

It shall be a year of joy, joy and joy. God will ensure that there is joy in the homes of his people, joy in their lives, joy in the lives of ALCC leaders and in the church.


We are going to see the existence of two opposing realities happening at the same time.

There will be existence of great prosperity in the midst of poverty. There will be great suffering in the midst of great successes.

In the midst of great restoration for many; you will see devastations of many. We are going to see great suffering in the midst of great prosperity. The church must be sensitive to both realities.

God is calling us to a great time of service to the suffering people. We are to become instruments of deliverance in the hand of God by compassionately ministering to the suffering around us.

Those who will engage in compassionate service for the expansion of God’s kingdom will be considered great. The greatness of 2021 will not be defined by praises, popularity or fame but by the expansion of the kingdom through compassionate service done in the secret that will be rewarded in the open. Be very careful not to become God in wanting to meet the needs of all people.

Be on high alert for great confusion, dismay and sound of terror that will cover the globe. This is a demonic strategy to sow fear in the hearts of many. Also, these rumors will be tendered for great outbreak of war. But fear not; there will be no war other than the pandemic.

Be alert as the enemy will come against families. Invest in your family. Resist pride, resist envy, resist jealousy and every form of offense. The enemy’s defeat is in your hand.

As many church doors will be closed; great doors will open for many revolutionary; cutting edge ministries. Ministries that will have refreshing approaches to reaching this generation and to carry out the commission of our Lord. Time to aggressively embrace technology as the great net to embrace the great harvest that has been prophesied. The harvest field is where people congregate. We must focus on the technology field. Expect great revival.

Don’t be distracted by the naysayers even inside the church. Continue to trust and stand on the principle of increase as revealed in the word.

The church must regain its spiritual focus.