Dr. Festus Adeyeye

Dr. Festus AdeyeyeAn Apostle Called and Ordained of God: Festus Adeyeye is the Founding and the Senior Pastor of Abundant Life Christian Center Worldwide, ALCC. Abundant Life Christian Center is a rapidly growing church with headquarters in Brooklyn New York. The growing branches of ALCC under the leadership of Festus Adeyeye have extended to: Long Island New York, Bronx New York, Monrovia Liberia, Lagos Nigeria, and Toronto Canada.

A Scholar: Festus Adeyeye holds a Doctor of Ministry from Ministry International Institute Tennessee, a Masters’ of Science in Organizational Leadership from Nyack College, New York and a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology.  Festus Adeyeye is also a member of the American Society of Nuclear Medicine and American Radiologic Society.

A Life Coach, Mentor and Educator: Festus Adeyeye is the Founder and President of Possessing the Nations Ministerial Association, PTNMA, Founder and President of Abundant Life Bible Institute, ALBI, and Founder and President of Pacesetters Leadership Institute. Festus Adeyeye with his insightful teachings applicable to daily living, mentors Apostles, Pastors, and the fivefold offices globally, coaches and impacts global leaders, and world transformers. Festus Adeyeye has a strong apostolic mandate to mentor pastors and church leaders in having cutting edge ministries beyond the four walls of church buildings. He also mentors entrepreneurs, contractors, businessmen and women in the cooperate world.

A Shepherd and Father: Festus Adeyeye in his fatherly and pastoral roles cares passionately for members of his flock. He teaches the word of God with simplicity and understanding in a manner relevant and applicable to believers’ daily living. Empowered with the breakthrough anointing, Dr. Festus also has the mandate to liberate people from the oppression of darkness and ignorance through the teaching of the word of faith. He ministers with keen prophetic unction of the word of knowledge, supernatural healing, and signs and wonders.

A Prolific Penman and Author: Dr. Festus Adeyeye is the author of several books; Pathways to Breakthrough, The Power of Vision, The Prevailing Power of fasting, Prospering in hard times and 21 Days Prayer Devotional for a Life of Liberty and Restoration. Festus Adeyeye’s television program—Changing Lives—airs weekly on The Word Network, which is available in over 200 countries reaching millions of people in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia , and the Americas . Dr. Festus is happily married to his “Best Friend”, Dr. Anthonia, who also co-pastors with him at ALCC and they are parents to nine children.

Dr. Anthonia Adeyeye

Dr. Anthonia AdeyeyeDr. Anthonia Adeyeye co-founded and co-pastors Abundant Life Christian Center along with her husband, Dr. F. A Adeyeye.

A scholar and educator, Dr. Anthonia Adeyeye holds a Doctor of Ministry from Ministry International Institute Tennessee. A master of science with distinction in Early Childhood & Elementary Education from Hofstra University, Uniondale, NY.  A Scientist, Dr Adeyeye has a degree in Microbiology and Virology. She is a member of Nigerian Institute of Science (NIST) and a graduate of Community Bible Institute, Brooklyn, NY

An Intercessor and anointed prayer warrior, she is blessed and endowed with a strong intercessory anointing. As a fervent intercessor, Dr. Anthonia is passionate about raising global intercessors for kingdom harvest.  Dr. Anthonia was led by the Holy Spirit to start the W.W.W.W. [Winners Women Weekend Warriors], a prayer telephone forum that holds every Saturday at 9:00pm. Women call from different states to be part of this dynamic impartation.

A prophetic woman of God with a unique anointing for discernment, Dr. Anthonia sees deep into the “yet-to-be-revealed” purpose of God!  She is a ‘life-coach’ and a “sought-after” speaker in conferences and churches all over the United States and across the globe. She is the leading lady for all A.L.C.C. golden ladies, and winning ladies. Dr. Anthonia is loved and adored by members of ALCC in return for her motherly love to all and every member of the ministry!  She is happily married to her childhood sweetheart, Dr. Festus Adeyeye , they are blessed with many children.

Pastor Babatunde Abe

Pastor Babatunde AbePastor Babatunde Abe is the resident pastor of Abundant Life Christian Center (Victory Center), Bronx NY. He was ordained in April 2005. Victory Center, a branch of ALCC Worldwide, was commissioned in the Bronx in July 2004 to bring the ALCC unique, life transforming messages of the gospel to the people in the Bronx, Manhattan and Westchester County.

He is married to Pastor Modupe Abe and they are blessed with children.

Pastor Julius Ogunnaya

Pastor Julius OgunnayaPastor Julius is the resident Pastor of the Abundant Life Christian Center Glory Tabernacle Long Island. Pastor Julius came from a very humble Catholic background. Both his parents are born Catholics, and his first love for God started through his parental influence.

A trained Journalist from Nigeria, Pastor Julius holds a Bachelor degree in Mass Communication and publishes a Christian Newspaper- Light of the World – a first of it’s kind among 1st generation immigrants in the United States and he obtained an Associate Diploma in Ministry from the Abundant Life Bible Institute, New York.

He migrated to the United States in the mid 90’s from Nigeria and met the Lord while serving in the United States Navy in 1999. He worshiped briefly at the Calvary Christian Church Norfolk VA, before relocating to NY in 2001. He joined the Abundant Life Christian Ministries in November 2001 and served in various capacities in the Church until his ordination as a Pastor in the ministry. His hunger for God encouraged him to dedicate his life to serve God through various ministries in the body of Christ.

He is married to Sister Rita and they are blessed with Patrick and Victory.

Pastor Adebimpe Rosiji

Pastor Adebimpe RosijiPastor “Bim” as she is popularly known at ALCC is an ordained minister of God at Abundant Life Christian Center, Brooklyn, New York. She was ordained in April, 2005.Pastor Adebimpe Rosiji was born into a Muslim family in Ilorin, Northern Nigeria. She met the Lord, got saved and converted to Christianity in 1988.

As a pioneer member, Pastor Bim joined ALCC at the very first service on October 1st, 1999 and has served faithfully in various departments.

Pastor Cheryl D. O’Neill

Pastor Cheryl D. O’NeillPastor Cheryl D. O’Neill is an ordained minister at Abundant Life Christian Center (ALCC) Brooklyn, NY. She is the ministry’s Director of Evangelism and Outreach department and she is presently pioneering the “Church Without Walls” efforts of the Ministry.

As a pioneer member, Pastor O’Neill has been serving diligently within ALCC in the past 14 years. A woman of God with a deep seated passion for Evangelism, Pastor Cheryl is being tremendously used of God to bring souls into His kingdom.

Pastor Oladele Dabiri

Pastor Oladele DabiriPastor Oladele Dabiri MD; is an ordained minister of God at Abundant Life Christian Center (ALCC), Brooklyn, New York. He was an Islamic scholar, born to a leading strict Islamic family in Lagos, Nigeria. However, he was miraculously touched by God, got saved and converted in April 1997. Since then there is no looking back! He migrated with his lovely wife to the United States in September 1998.

Dr. Dabiri is a pioneer member of ALCC. He joined the Ministry at its inception in October 1999; at the very first Tuesday Bible study in the living room, where the ministry started. Pastor Dabiri has served in various departments and in various capacities at ALCC, earnestly supporting the vision of the ministry, under the dynamic leadership of Reverend Festus and Pastor Anthonia Adeyeye.

Pastor Jeremiah Vayla

Pastor Jeremiah VaylaPastor Jeremiah Vayla is the current resident Pastor of ALCC, (Grace Temple) Monrovia Liberia. While in a 40 days fasting and prayer, God supernaturally connected him with Drs. Festus and Anthonia Adeyeye. Drs. Festus and Anthonia received a confirmation from God for Pastor Jeremiah to start a church in Liberia.

Pastor Jeremiah was ordained as a Pastor on August 2008. Pastor Jeremiah is married to Sister Juliet and they are blessed with a child.

Pastor Michael Bode Badaru

Pastor Michael Bode BadaruPastor Michael Bode Badaru is the current resident pastor of ALCC, (Praise Tabernacle), Lagos Nigeria. He gave his life to Christ at a tender age, although he came from a Muslim family background.

Badaru prayed to God to be more fulfilled in his life, family and ministry when God answered his prayers by divinely connecting him to the Senior Pastor of ALCC Worldwide, Rev. Festus Adeyeye in the year 2004. He is married to Pastor Julie and the couple is blessed with children.

Pastor Matthew Edebiri

Pastor Matthew EdebiriPastor Matthew Edebiri was divinely connected to ALCC Christian Center Brooklyn, NY, in 2000. He served in many ministries within ALCC including being the Men’s President, heading of the Sunday School Department, and Partner’s Class.

Pastor Matthew Edebiri was ordained as a Pastor and was seconded to head the ALCC (Dominion Chapel) in Canada. He is married to Pastor Felicia and they are blessed with children.

Pastor Friday Aimufua

Pastor Friday AimufuaPastor Friday Aimufua, MD, by divine leading joined ALCC commission in 2011. He is passionate about serving God faithfully. After joining ALCC, he served in different ministries including welcoming team, counseling department, Men Advisory team and Men’s President.

Pastor Friday Aimufua was ordained as a Pastor and seconded to be the Resident Pastor of ALCC Breakthrough Center Houston Texas in 2017. He is married to Pastor Joy Aimufua and are blessed with children.