the Power of

“I AM”

August 2022

“I AM” is the most powerful command statement there is; it frees you to be who you desire to become. 

Dr. Festus Adeyeye

Welcome once again to the month of August. We thank God for his goodness and faithfulness over the breakthrough family since the beginning of this year. By the various testimonies of breakthroughs in the lives of ALCC members; we can stay that this year has truly been our year of undeniable results. By the spirit of God; we are going to be activating the ‘POWER OF I AM’ this month.

“I AM” are two words that have the power to completely change your life. “I AM” is the most powerful command statement there is. It frees you to be who you desire to become. What follows these two simple words will determine what kind of life you live. The way and manner you use the power of “I Am” affects your life both in the present and in the future. It can be used to empower you or weaken you. You can either use the power of “I Am” against yourself or use it to advance your life.

You can either declare that “I am blessed. I am strong. I am healthy”. Or, “I am slow. I am unattractive. I am a terrible person”. The “I Am’s” that are coming out of your mouth will bring either success or failure.

The divine principle is; what follows the “I Am” will always be brought to manifestations in your life. What follows the “I Am” will come looking for you. When you say, “I am tired; tiredness will come looking for you” When you say, I am broke; poverty will come looking for you” Whatever you follow the “I Am’ with is like an invitation to its manifestations in your life. It is like placing an order which will later be delivered.

The beauty of life is; God has equipped you and I with the power to choose what follows the “I Am”. No one can do it for you but yourself.

Jesus said, “I AM the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes to the father except through me. I AM the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. I AM the bread of life. I AM the light of this world. I AM the resurrection of life. I AM THAT I AM!” How powerful is that!

The reason some people have become who they are today is simply because they have accepted what the environment or situations called them. They have allowed themselves to be brought under the influence of their surroundings, and the limitations of their circumstances.

“I AM” neutralizes environmental and situational limitations. “I AM” neutralizes fear and doubt, and moves you into your proper position. “I AM” allows you to become what you consciously choose. “I AM” proclaims the presence of your divine creator within you. When spoken with emotional and spiritual conviction, your subconscious will be conditioned to believe it and it will bring a change in your condition.

So, the question to you today is, “What kind of “I Am’s” are coming out of your mouth?” Is it “I am victorious. I am blessed. I am talented. I am anointed”. Or I am defeated. I am weak. I am broke? If only some people today will just change the “I Am” they would make a shift into new levels of life.

Words have creative power. With your words, you can bless your future or you can curse your future. Words are like electricity. Used the right way they can be very helpful. It can give us lights, air conditioning, and all kinds of good things. But electricity used the wrong way can be very dangerous. It can harm you. It could even kill you. Same way with our words. Proverbs 18:21says, “Life and death are in the power of our tongue”. It’s up to you to choose what follows the “I Am”.

Don’t ever say, “I am so unlucky. I am unable”. You’re inviting disappointments. “I am so broke. I am so in debt”. You’re inviting struggle. You’re inviting lack. You need to send out some new invitations. Get up in the morning and invite good things into your life. You can say, “I AM” unlimited. “I AM” joyful. “I AM” wealthy. “I AM Victorious. I AM successful. I AM blessed. “I AM” one with God. I AM Gifted. I AM favored.

When you go through the day saying, “I am blessed,” blessings come looking for you. “I am talented”. Talent comes looking for you. You may not feel up to it but when you say, “I am healthy,” health starts heading your way. “I am strong”. Strength starts tracking you down. You’re inviting that into your life.

Use your words to bless your future not curse your future. The scripture says, “Let the weak say, ‘I am strong.'” Notice just the opposite. Not, “I am so tired. I am so rundown”. That’s calling in the wrong things. Let the poor say, “I am well off”. Not, “I am broke. I am so in debt”. Let the sick say, “I am healthy. I am improving. I am getting better and better”.

Romans 4:18 says, “Call the things that are not as if they already were”. That simply means don’t talk about the way you are. Talk about the way you want to be. If you’re struggling with your finances don’t go around saying, “Business is so slow. The economy is so down. It’s never going to work out”. That’s calling the things that are as if they will always be that way. That’s just describing the situation. By faith you’ve got to say, “I am blessed. I am successful. I am surrounded by God’s favor”.

Remember, what follows the “I Am” is going to come looking for you. If you will invite the right things into your life, the Creator of the universe will breathe in your direction. You will experience the full manifestations of God’s plan and purpose for your life this month in Jesus’ name.

Dr. Festus Adeyeye