Join the ALCC Winning Team.

Get involved because it pays to serve! Join our A+ Winning Team today!

  • A+ Greeters: This team serves with a strong passion for welcoming congregants and guests to church. Join us.
  • Ushering: The Ushering Department provides proper direction and seating of those who enter the House of God for worship, as well as assists in maintaining order during services. Join us.
  • Divine Sanctuary Keepers: This team is devoted to ensuring the house of God remains clean and to maintain the general appearance of the interior of the church facilities. Join us.
  • Information Technology(IT) / Media Production (Camera & Photography)  
    The IT department oversees all the Information Technology systems of the church.

    The Media Team is responsible for our graphics, program recording, film editing, and all forms of media production.

    The Photography department is responsible for ensuring that all services are covered with still and moving pictures and properly archived for church records.
    Join us.
  • New Dimension Choir: Our New Dimension Choir is a team of God-fearing men and women who are talented music ministers and committed to serving God through music. Join us.
  • Winners Academy (Children’s Department): The Winners Academy department is located inside our ultra-modern well-equipped facility, with a ministry dedicated to children from ages 1-15. We are committed to making every child a winner. Join us.
  • Gate Keepers: This Ministry is a team of dedicated men and women working together to provide a safe environment of worship for ALCC church members and visitors. The goal is to serve the members and guests of the church; directing traffic on Sundays and securing the church premises during worship services (via security vehicle and foot patrol). Join us.
  • Medical Team: The Medical team functions to provide initial care in the unlikely case of an injury. A medical background is necessary to function in this team. Join us.
  • Creative Arts Department: The goal of this department is to proclaim the gospel message via plays, skits, and different other performances. Join us.
  • Welcome Team: This team provides a warm welcome and reception to our first-time visitors. Join us.
  • Prayer Team: The goal of this ministry is to stand in the gap in prayer for the: Vision of ALCC, our Senior pastors, leaders, and congregation and to answer to the prayer needs of the church. Join us.
  • Information Desk: We have our Information Desk stationed during all our services to provide needed information to all our congregants. Join us.
  • Sanctuary Guards: This team functions to provide a safe environment inside the church during services. Join us.
  • Administrative Volunteer: This team performs various administrative tasks such as following up with new members and mailing of birthday cards to members. Join us.
  • Evangelism: We are all commissioned by God to be members of this ministry. The goal of this ministry is to share the good news about Jesus Christ with the world. Join us.
  • Membership Database: This team ensures all the children who attend our services are registered at the point of entry. This way, all our children are properly accounted for. Join us.
  • Operation Feed My People (OFMP): OFMP is a community outreach arm of the church.  It focuses on meeting the physical and material needs of the people in the community through practical acts of mercy. Join us.
  • Heart of Worship: This group proclaims the gospel of Christ through dance ministrations. Join us.
  • Transportation Department: This team functions to relieve our members our visitors of any stress related to transportation needs. Join us.
  • A+ Artisans: This A+ team is responsible for the decoration of the church premises. Join us.

To volunteer in any of our groups, visit our church App or call Membership Service at (718) 566-2601 Ext.1