Given to Pastor Festus Adeyeye on Tuesday, December 28, 2021

• A year of authentic manifestations of my presence for undeniable results. I will equip, strengthen and empower the people for undeniable, results, outstanding and tangible results

• In 2022, ALCC church and the people will experience seasons of open doors. I have opened doors for the fruit of the womb. You will see my hands strongly in those waiting for the fruit of the womb and will cause them to conceive and bear children.

• There will be tangible open doors resulting in undeniable breakthroughs and testimonies in the lives of the people. ALCC members will experience open doors in many areas of their lives.

• No weapon fashioned against the ALCC commission and the members shall prosper. I am still THE I AM THA I AM. I do what I say. I watch jealously to protect ALCC commission and the members. Whoever is rising against ALCC commission and the members will strike his/her head against a rock and the head will break into pieces. I shall be your strong tower day and night

• The wind of evil will not blow in the ministry and will not blow in the lives of the members.

• Things may be hard out there in the year 2022 but in my household, things shall be good for as many that seek me. Those who seek me will enjoy. My people will experience the Goshenites anointing. Psalms 91 and Goshen. Exodus 8:21-24.

• Don’t be moved by whatever is happening out there in the world. Tell my church not to be moved by it. I am the God in the highs and the lows. I am the God of the past and of the present. I have been God in the past civilizations. Those who sought and connected with me in the past; I have ensured their rising no matter the challenges in the society. Let my people look unto me and not on any economic trends. They should look unto me as the source of life. In the midst of great distresses; those called by my name will experience great success and security. Isaiah 60:1-3 will be highly pronounced.

Isaiah 60:1-3. Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you. 2 See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the LORD rises upon you and his glory appears over you. 3 Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn.

Especially vs. 3. Nations will come to your light and kings to the brightness of your dawn. Such a fire and an equipping that will compel darkness to come for light.

• The victory of my people in ALCC this year is in loving me and walking in faith. Boldly teach faith. Boldly speak faith. Boldly declares faith. The victory of my people in ALCC is in loving me and walking in faith. Their victory is in chasing after the kingdom mandate and walking in faith. Teach my people faith. Speak faith to my people. Act in faith to my people. Build their faith in me and not in the devil. Build their faith in me and not in the fear of the devil or the enemy

• Yes. Money, money, money, and money. ALCC Commission and the members shall be marked and known as a godly ministry with the mark of prosperity. I have blessed the ministry beyond being dry. Money shall be flowing even from where you don’t expect. No one genuinely connected with the ministry will experience financial dryness

• Yes; it shall be a year of joy and the year of the living. There shall be no premature death. Let it be known that if anyone is marked for death; when he/she come to the ministry, they will live. I have given you the mandate and the unction to bring life out of death. To bring life out of dead situations.

• There will be an escalation of spiritual warfare on many levels. So, it shall be a year of intense prayer intercession like never before. Stir up the spirit of intercession. My people should intensify prayers at all levels to confront spiritual warfare. They must be intentional with their prayers, praise, and thanksgiving. However; the battle is mine to fight and they must give me room to fight on their behalf.

• Hell is so bent on causing many to shun righteousness. My people should be mindful of the reality of hell and the aggressive agenda of hell in causing many to be deceived. My people should be proactive in saving souls. Souls; souls, souls; souls and souls are perishing. People are perishing and they are laughing while perishing. People are perishing and they are smiling while perishing. Let the heart of the church be burdened with souls. Let the hearts of the church be burdened with the perishing souls.

• Never, never be afraid of laborers for I the Lord is the laborer in the vineyard of ALCC. As long as I am on the throne; laborers will come, laborers will flow and laborers will be there. And I will continue to reward laborers in the vineyard in every area of their lives.

• Deception will be on the high-political, science, and cultural deception coupled with continued conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories will get stronger and many will believe. God said; my people should be careful not to be deceived.

• Expect slight religious persecution but stand on the truth of my word. Continue to stand firm on the integrity of my word and don’t be moved by anything. Stand firm. Stay focused on pillars for kingdom advancements. Matthew 6:33 and Psalms 91.

• Liberalism will escalate in the land. Ministries and ministers will be attacked but it is a distraction. Do not become distracted or be swayed by the steady rise of ungodly philosophies in the land. Be on the alert and be bold to declare the truth and remember to fear not. The battle is the Lords and not yours. Give God room to fight the battle. Stay on the truth of God’s word.

• Above all; I have called you into speaking the truth in love. Don’t fall for the myth of just compassion without truth and don’t fall into the trap of truth without compassion.

• There is power in the unity of the body of Christ. Everyone should seek the unity of the body of Christ. Satan and the challenges out there will seek to cause some to want to go it alone; don’t fall for that; my body is not divided. Don’t disconnect yourself from the body of Christ; stay connected. There are some victories you can only attain when you are connected with my church.