You will see the manifestations of my glory locally and globally. None can stop it. It shall come to pass and it is already coming to pass. The brightness of my glory will shine forth through you to give light to multitudes of people locally and globally. The brightness of my glory will shine forth like the shining of the sun over ALCC commission.

Just like no one can stop my covenant with the day and the night, none will be able to stop my covenant that I have made with The Breakthrough Family to be used as a conduit of global impact. It shall be a year of speed. I will expedite results in the lives of my people, in your hands, and in the Ministry.

Get ready, 2023 shall be a Year of Supernatural Abundance. Let the people know that it shall be a year of surplus. There shall be no scarcity in the Breakthrough Family.

For those who will connect with me in advancing the agenda of the kingdom, there shall be abundance of all things. Abundance of favor. Abundance of finances. Abundance of joy. Abundance of grace. Abundance of honor. Abundance of peace in families And in the ministry. All things good shall be in abundant supply.

Make it known to the people that advancing the kingdom agenda is very important. Let men seek me and the interest of my kingdom. Whoever connects with the kingdom agenda will enjoy and experience abundance without scarcity. Abundance will be so prevalent, so real, and experiential. People will be experiencing and testifying about abundance of joy, finance, health. joy, peace, etc.

As people’s hearts are connected to the kingdom mandate, the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit will be made manifest in your midst. As the word of knowledge will be coming forth in your services, I will back it up with tangible signs and wonders.

In the coming year, make it known to the people that the Breakthrough Commission is a place of refuge. Everyone that comes under the umbrella of ALCC commission will be preserved, provided for, and be protected. The ALCC Commission shall be like a city of refuge. Therefore, whoever is being pursued, or challenged that comes under the umbrella of the breakthrough grace will be protected, preserved, and provided for.

There will be pockets of opposition from the gates of hell. Weapons will be formed with the intention of stopping us but be rest assured that none of them will prosper.

Stay focused on me and pay no attention to any distractions from anywhere, it is the devil making noise. I am the captain of this ship. I am the one who has called and leading this commission. It shall be a year that I will fight your battles. I will fight against anyone who rises against you. I have closed the door against affliction. against satanic oppression. There shall be no room for satanic interruptions because I the Lord shall be the move at work in the ministry.

Everywhere this commission is planted, there shall be no shrinking or smallness. It shall expand. Let the pastors know that as they connect, expansion is guaranteed in the coming year, both in Winners House and the satellite churches.

Don’t let fear stop you from doing the things I will reveal to you in the course of the year. I will make known some decisions for you to take. Launch out into the deep by faith when I reveal things to you. Your abundance is in obeying my instructions.

Whatever glory that COVID took away from people’s lives and from the church shall be restored. This is the year that you will experience tangible restoration of all things.

I am the Healer and the healing auction will continue to flow in the ministry. There shall be an increase of testimonies of my healing grace under this ministry.

Whenever anyone is sick and they are brought into the ministry, boldly declare over them that the I Am that I Am heals them. The healing power will be activated and strange illnesses will be healed.

In ALCC, 2023 Shall Be A Year Of Longevity. Death will not snatch anyone. Sicknesses will not snatch anyone. Affliction will not snatch anyone.

There shall be financial increase as the people practice faithfulness in kingdom giving. So, teach the people on kingdom giving. Since I am the source of this ministry and this calling, there is no dryness. Grace will never run dry. Money will never run dry. Because I am never dry.

It may seem as if it is being delayed, but I am working on Breakthrough City. It shall be made manifest in its own time.

I will reward the faithful laborers under this commission. Say it boldly to all ALCC laborers that none will labor without correspondent reward. In 2023, as they are laboring, I shall reward them.

For those who are yet to receive the rewards for their labor, this is not a season to be discouraged and withdraw commitments. Stand firm and faithful in service, because I will come true for them.

Those who did not receive the miracle of babies in 2022, this coming year is their own season and time. I will visit them.

I will raise more successful business people under this commission. Not just those who will be focused on making money for themselves. I will raise businessmen and women who will be kingdom-minded and be connected to the vision and the visionary leaders. Those who will be blessed and will become channels of blessings.

Regarding the Youth and Younger Generation

Just like the king of Babylon strategically planned to indoctrinate the Jewish young men, there is an orchestrated satanic plot targeted at the youth of our generation. Worldly education systems are being used to corrupt the moral foundations of the nation, especially the young ones. The church must aggressively rescue the younger generation from the clutches of the enemy through intercessory prayers and intentional ministry.

We must make it a priority to mobilize strategic, consistent intercession and outreach to the youths of this generation.

The church must avoid compromise but stand out as the authentic voice of truth. the church should be positioned as the pillar and ground of truth. 1 Timothy 3:15.