Receiving Grace for Undeniable Results

Day 1
Monday, July 11

Father, I thank you for seeing me through the first half of 2022. It is not by own power or wisdom. It has been by Your grace. Receive all the glory.

Father, I thank you for confirming the words of your servant. Thank you for your move in this commission. Thank you for the miracle, signs, and wonders. Blessed be Your name.

I cover the remaining months of this year with the blood of Jesus. I declare by your word that we shall experience rest on all sides. They shall neither adversary nor evil occurrence. 1 Kings 5:4

Because your word will not return to you unaccomplished, the prophecies that you have proclaimed through the mouth of your servant, hasten to perform to them. They will not be delayed but shall be expressly fulfilled. Isaiah 55:11

I receive grace to wait on you for the mid-year fast. I receive grace for an acceptable fast. It shall be a profitable spiritual exercise.

As I wait on you in these 21 days, my light shall break forth like the morning, my healing shall spring forth speedily, I shall increase in righteousness and the Lord shall be my covering. Isaiah 58:8

Father, as the family of ALCC embarks on this spiritual exercise, let there be an outpouring of your spirit upon this commission. Pour out your spirit upon our men and our women, upon the young and the old. Let no one be left out in this spiritual revival. Joel 2:28

I receive the grace for delightful obedience. Put your spirit within me that will cause me to walk in your ways and obey your commandments. I will no longer resist your voice or your will. I pray this prayer for my family and for ALCC. Ezekiel 36:26

Out of this commission, raise an exceeding great army for the end-time harvest. Let this commission be on the go for you, bringing sons and daughters to glory. Ezekiel 37:10

Father, position this commission as that house of the hill that cannot be hidden. Draw a multitude of souls into this house. And as the multitude come, cause them to be planted. Isaiah 2:1-3

Father, renew my strength for the remaining days. Grant me supernatural strength and focus. Whatever assignments you have for me for this year, I receive grace to fulfill them. Isaiah 40:31

By faith, I commit all my goals for this year to your hands. It shall not be by my own might nor by my own power. I speak grace over them. They shall come to pass. Zechariah 4:6

Thank You for answering my prayers.